Le Asiatique

Restaurant Le Asiatique

Fusion, Blending, Tasting

Oriental touches and Mediterranean culture, tradition and modernity, elegance and discretion. These are the cornerstones of an environment and a Menu that have blending as their key word.

An elegant and discrete atmosphere, starting with a lounge lobby bar – bright and friendly – and continuing into a series of five refined environments: the Japanese Rooms. Little gems of architecture, each dominated by a different symbol of Asian culture and, on the walls, works by the artist Chiara Montagner. Details which make the perfect setting for dinners, business meetings and private events.

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Menu and Cocktail Bar

Asian cuisine with a fusion twist

As the fusion philosophy imposes, our cuisine combines elements of different gastronomic cultures, adding innovations to the contemporary culinary techniques.

A menu that blends the recipes of the oriental tradition with the products of the mediterranean culture along with the french-fusion cuisine.

An international culinary experience combined with a selection of cocktails made with spices, liquors and oriental ingredients which lead to the Asiatique special proposals. In conclusion, a refined wine menu, a sophisticated selection of distilled and fermented Japanese liquors such as Whisky, Sakè e Shoshu.


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